The ARIN-CARIB Secretariat

The Regional Security System (RSS) provides a permanent Secretariat function for ARIN-CARIB. RSS is located on the premises of the RSS Asset Recovery Unit (RSS ARU) in Pargon Base, Barbados. The Secretariat may draw on the administrative resources of other bodies as is necessary for the performance of its tasks.

As the administrating unit of ARIN-CARIB, the Secretariat provides the necessary professional experience, history and continuity for the network to function effectively. In summary the functions carried out by Secretariat are:

  • To provide effective administrative support to the ARIN-CARIB Members and Observers, thus allowing them to undertake to meet the objectives and functions as set out in the Statement of Intent.
  • To support and facilitate the Presidency and the Steering Group.
  • To maintain the ARIN-CARIB Contacts list. 
  • Draft documents related to ARIN-CARIB activities, and prepare action plans to implement ARIN-CARIB outcomes and recommendations.
  • To keep an up-to-date record of ARIN-CARIB strategic planning, projects and decisions taken.
  • Provide support to ARIN-CARIB meeting hosts in relation to the organization of Steering Group, Plenary and sub-working group meetings.
  • The Secretariat will establish and maintain relations with other bodies and structures in the field of asset recovery.
  • The Secretariat will promote ARIN-CARIB, and the ARIN-CARIB concept, in meetings, conferences and other events. 
  • The Secretariat will facilitate initial contact between ARIN-CARIB Members and Observers and other ARINs, within the available international legal frameworks.

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