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Learn more about ARIN-CARIB, our members and what we do. Leverage the power and insights of our network to help take the profit out of crime in your jurisdiction. Contact our secretariat at: info@arin-carib.org to learn more.

Can information obtained via ARIN-CARIB be used in evidence without an MLA request?2019-09-18T11:17:40-05:00

Generally, evidence obtained via ARIN-CARIB request is for intelligence purposes only. Where however local and/or foreign law allow for the admissibility of informally requested information, such information may be used in court.

Does the network cater for requests outside of asset recovery?2019-09-10T16:18:16-05:00

Presently, the network allows room for requests beyond asset recovery. This normally extends to requests pertaining to the investigation of financial crimes and terrorist financing.  Where matter fall totally outside that scope, ARIN-CARIB points of contact are happy to refer person to the correct agencies.

What are the requirements for obtaining assistance from members within ARIN-CARIB?2019-09-10T16:16:55-05:00

Simple, first identify the country from who you require assistance, secondly state the type of assistance required (legal or investigation), thirdly request the contact details for the point of contact in that country from the secretariat, fourthly one the point of contact is identified, make direct contact with that person and inform the secretariat of the date, time, point of contact, nature of request and urgency.

How can I get assistance from another ARIN?2019-09-10T16:21:45-05:00

Make that request through the ARIN-CARIB secretariat who will make contact with the other ARIN.

Where can I get information about the capabilities of a member within ARIN-CARIB to carry out a request?2019-09-10T16:17:47-05:00

The secretariat can provide some assistance, however where this information is not available, direct contact can be facilitated with the receiving country via the secretariat.

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