Mission & Objectives

The aim of ARIN-CARIB is to increase the effectiveness of members’ efforts in depriving criminals of their illicit profits on a multi-agency basis by establishing itself as the center of professionals’ network in tackling the proceeds of crime.


To raise the capacity and capability of practitioners, at all levels by providing them with the knowledge and skills to recover assets from those engaged in serious crimes.  


In seeking to meet its objectives, ARIN-CARIB will:

  • Focus on the proceeds of all crimes, within the framework of international obligations
  • Establish itself as the center of expertise in all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime
  • Promote the exchange of information and best practice
  • Establish a network of contact points
  • Form a solid international network with other related organizations such as UNODC and CARIN
  • Research and develop practices and systems of asset recovery
  • Facilitate and promote training in all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime
  • Act as an advisory group to other appropriate authorities
  • Cooperate with the private sector in achieving its aims
  • Undertake to make recommendations and act as an advisory group to bodies such as the Caribbean Community Implementing Agency for Crime and Security (CARICOM IMPACS), the Egmont Group and other appropriate authorities, relating to all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime
  • Encourage members to establish national asset recovery offices
  • Encourage members to establish and maintain asset forfeiture funds
  • Encourage members to establish asset management systems


  • Support and facilitate the Presidency and the Steering Group
  • Draft documents related to ARIN-CARIB activities, and prepare action plans to implement ARIN-CARIB outcomes and recommendations.
  • Establish and maintain relations with other bodies and structures in the field of asset recovery
  • Keep records of ARIN-CARIB strategic planning, projects and decisions taken
  • Facilitate initial contact between ARIN-CARIB Members and Observers and other ARINs, within the available international legal frameworks


You can request assistance from us if you are a law enforcement officer (police/customs/ other law enforcement agency), a prosecutor, magistrate or judge, or an official from an asset recovery office or asset management office.

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